Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Night Specials

For a few years the hubby has been asking for Gnocchi yea sure sometime I will make them. Finely I had to let it be known I was clueless as to what a Gnocchi even was let alone make. I don't feel so bad my parents also didn't know what a Gnocchi was. At my local Sam's Club a few weeks ago I saw a box of Gnocchi's so I picked it up. What is a Gnocchi? A Gnocchi is a little potato dumpling wrapped in a noodle. I believe they are on the menu at Olive Garden but I have not tried them before. This is a first I must say I was very impressed. Teresa at had a vegetarian recipe on her blog a few weeks ago with spinach and pine nuts that's next to try. The Gnocchi come in a vacuumed packed package with three in a box, the shelve life is a year. Next time I am going to try making them by scratch.

First Time Gnocchi

1 package of Gnocchi
1 large Italian sausage sliced
2 cans of tomato sauce
3 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons crushed red pepper flakes
1 can diced tomato's
1 chopped red bell pepper
Romano Cheese
Parmesan Cheese

In large skillet cook Italian sausage, garlic, bell pepper and red pepper flakes. Then add tomato's and simmer at least 15 to 20 minutes. Place Gnocchi in boiling water it takes about three to four minutes they will float when they are done. Pour sauce over drained Gnocchi add cheese and enjoy.


Sara said...

This looks really good! I made gnocchi from scratch once, they were really good, but it's a time consuming process!

Donna-FFW said...

I love the use of sausage in a sauce. I have attempted gnocchi many times, but never could master it. Hope you hvae better luck, Im sure you will.

teresa said...

Yay for gnocchi! This looks like a great recipe! I've got to try it, and thanks for the shout out!

Natashya said...

Mmm, I love gnocchi, I am making them tonight - yay for carbs!

Olga said...

I tried to make gnocchi for the first time last month: so much fun! And now I'm thinking about making them with sweet potatoes.

Yours look good!

Let me know how the home-made ice cream turns out: it really was very easy.

Frieda said...

Hi! Thanks for the add on FB! You definitely need to try the gnocchi soup at Olive Garden, but....I believe I have perfected the secret to Olive Garden's roasted chicken gnocchi soup...mmmmmm! Look for it soon on my blog! Like you, we are trying NOT to eat out!