Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Night Specials

We are on our way to the Asian Market this morning. Thanks to Maria of Two Peas and a Pod a few weeks ago she shared that she had attended a cooking class at Viking Cooking School. I looked it up and found that they were teaching a Sushi Class, lucky me. Sushi is one of our favorites but since we are still not eating out we can't partake. We learned allot fresh fish is very important and a very sharp knife. Below is a few pictures of the sushi that the hubby and I made it is very obvious that we need lots and lots of practice. I know allot of people who don't like the seaweed, they have a new product witch is a soy paper wrap, which is similar to a thin tortilla. The soy paper wraps were bright in color yellow or green almost pretty, can't wait to try. My favorite of the night was the Spicy Tuna Roll.

Spicy Tuna Roll

4 ounces sashimi-grade fresh tuna coarsely chopped
1 tablespoon Japanese mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Asian Chile garlic sauce, or to taste
1 green onion, green tops only very thinly sliced
2 sheets nori
2 2/3 cups prepared sushi rice
1 teaspoon prepared wasabi, divided, plus additional as an accompaniment
Pickled ginger as an accompaniment
Japanese soy sauce, as an accompaniments

1. Cover a bamboo sushi rolling mat in plastic wrap. Combine the chopped tuna, mayonnaise, chile garlic sauce and green onion slices in a small mixing bowl; set aside until needed.
2. Cut the nori sheets in half crosswise to make eight 4x7 inch sheets. Place a half-sheet of nori on the bamboo mat, shiny-side down, with the long side toward you at the edge of the mat closest to you. Dampen your hands with hand vinegar, then spread a scant 1/3 cup of sushi rice evenly over the entire half sheet of nori, leaving a 1/2 inch border at the top of the nori sheet uncovered to help seal the roll; be careful not to compact the rice. Do not make the layer of rice to thick, or it will not seal properly.
3. Spread a thin line of wasabi paste horizontally across the center of the rice with your finger. Form 1/4 of the tuna filling into a log shape; place on the wasabi line.
4. To roll, use your fingertips to hold the core ingredients in place, and use your thumb to push up the end of the mat closest to you Continue to roll up the nori sheet, pulling the bamboo mat out of the way, until the nori edges overlap by about 1/4 inch. Gently press the mat around the roll to shape it.
5. Use a very sharp knife to cut each roll, as a dull knife will tear the sushi roll apart. Clean and wet the knife between each cut with a damp towel. Cut down through the roll, using the entire length of the knife, with a quick, decisive motion, then pull the knife toward you. Do not use a sawing motion.
6. Cut each roll into 6 slices; attractively arrange on a serving platter, and serve with pickled ginger, soy sauce and additional wasabi as accompaniment.


Sara said...

I love sushi but I've never made it at home. I definitely need to learn!

Kevin said...

Great looking homemade sushi! I have not tried making sushi with raw fish at home yet, though I will have to try.

Mary said...

We, too, love sushi and your recipe for the tuna roll sounds delicious.

Recipe Girl said...

oh my goodness, your did a wonderful job. Looks so "professional". Good job!!!


Clumbsy Cookie said...

I really have to start making sushi at home! Looks so delicious!

Donna-FFW said...

Wow, it looks awesome. So perfect. I have never made it, but I bet if I did, it wouldn't look as lovely as yours does!

Chef E said...

I have taken classes myself from Sushi masters, and it is fun! Took my son when he was 11, since he developed a taste for foods most kids back then did not eat, I love your posts! Thanks for coming over to mine!

Jamie said...

Wow your sushi sounds so much more exciting than mine! I will try the tuna mix next time I make sushi! Beautiful!

Emily said...

How fun! I love Sushi! I am determined to learn how to make it one day!

Olga said...

how cool that you make your own sushi! I assisted a sushi class one time at Sur La Table, but never made it myself. LOVE SUSHI!